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Outlast 2 - True Face
Already on my tumblr here:… Reblog, don't repost please :3

I just love that crown too much not to draw it, and I really wanted to have a go at replicating some of that lighting in the mines too! So here is Val again in the Heretics' underground domain... :icondesireyouplz:
Val the Heretic
(Already on my Tumblr here:… Reblog, don't repost ;))

Bit of a change from my usual Elder Scrolls stuff ("usual" implying I've been on here more often than like once every 50 years), but Outlast 2 caught my attention recently and I've been fascinated with Val in particular. It was a fun challenge to try painting such an androgynous face, too :P

(Also I got mad flashbacks to drawing my old Amnesia artwork, damn that feels like forever ago)
Narsis Scene
Original post here:…

From the prompt "meeting a stranger": a very small Lleryn encounters an elf at the Narsis Market who is actually a Morag Tong assassin.
Tiny Lleryn Does Not Want
Original tumblr post here:…

did somebody ask for more dunmer babies

Here is Lleryn as a baby, already at odds with his father Rindral as he won't shut up for his Ancestor Ghost ritual. :icondisappointplz:
I know, I know, it's been forever, but I've just popped back to discover my last update was from about two years ago...ehe. ^^; I've been busy and super stressed out these past months, having finally graduated (First Class Honours woooo) and been cast adrift into the Big Ole World. It sucks being back to living with my family after four years of freedom in shared housing, but hopefully I'll be able to move out on my own someday. So yes, I did survive the year of academic hell in Italy, and my final year at uni, and on top of that I even got the chance to take a trip all on my own down to Australia to visit a long-time senpai and fellow TES RPer! :iconuguufaceplz:
I'd never been out of Europe before, but I found my way from the UK to Dubai to Kuala Lumpur to Australia without much trouble (apart from the torture of taking 3 different planes and travelling 20+ hours) and stayed with him for two amazing months. We also recently finished an epically long (in that it took us months to finish XD) RP thread on tumblr between Lleryn and his lovely Dunmer Moraelyn, which you can find somewhere on my Lleryn blog (llerynserathis.tumblr).

Art-wise I've mostly been posting my work on the tumblrs, though a large part of it has been exclusively Lleryn-related so it's gone on my sometimes-RP bloggie ( I'm trying to assemble another blog for art only, though that's still in-progress atm.

Also a cleanout of the garage yesterday unearthed a pile of sketchbooks that contained the oldest art I remember posting on here, back when I was around 15 and intensely obsessed with POTO (which I still love, by all means XD). There was a lot of nostalgia and maybe a little bit of cringe too, and it got me thinking about the old times and the great people I met through dA. So that's why I'm checking in today - just to say thanks for all the continued support and all the lovely messages and feedback everyone's given me even when I've not been active. As you can imagine my notifications are, the thousands there since I've been away so long...but I've still looked through them and smiled a lot <3

I may be posting more art here sometime when I have a few minutes to spare, though my main hub is tumblr these days given that a lot of the art I post here mysteriously ends up on tumblr anyway (almost always uncredited). But yeah, I'm definitely going to be back here now and then, and I'm fine with the sharing of my art as long as it's credited etc :3

What else, hmm...I've been playing ESO, though not so much lately, on the EU server with my Altmer mainly (with whom I completed the Daedric Lord Slayer achievement, and afterwards decided to rest on my laurels)...I've also been playing Flight Rising because yes dragons (hmu if you want to add me, I like looking at other people's dragons :3). Also SKYRIM. After an eternity...oh, feels good man. Feels good.

Anyway, that's all for now - and thanks again!
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United Kingdom
1)First Second Third FINAL year at university HELP I'M AN ADULT
2) My graphics tablet is a Wacom Intuos4 and it's my precious baby
3) I luv the Dunmas
4) My prize possession is a hand-drawn portrait of Sandoval from Oglaf signed by the creators and titled "Sugar Wolf"
5) You can find my Lleryn art on tumblr too:…
6) I used to shoot recurve with my uni archery bros
7) I'm a fan of many things, including the Elder Scrolls series and Lee Pace's eyebrows

That is all


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